Thursday, 15 October 2009

Anonymous Soliloquy

from a spirited post...
"The game we are in the midst of, is playing on all levels simultaneously. The outcome will be determined by which level of play we focus our attention on. If we're here, now, doing what we are doing, we're all "in the game", and are playing on some level. On one end of the spectrum we have as the prize, going home to plug our brilliant facet of all that is, with it's broad range of experiences enjoyed from that specific perspective, unique to that facet, back into all that is, so that it may complete it's self exploration. On the other end of the spectrum, the prize might be finally defeating the forces of darkness, or further down, their minions, or further down, the patsies of their minions, or all the way down to as tiny as the lesson learned by burning ourselves with the magnifying glass we were tormenting an ant with. Or anything in between.

The split I'm seeing, is about whether to stand up and engage, or whether to walk away from polarity and choose non judgement, unconditional love, and unity.

for many, the decision is made. Some plan how to rule in their stead (thereby inviting the law of attraction to transform them into the "next bad thing"). Some see the solution to polarity as being the recognition that it's a rigged game, and you can never win a game like that unless it's by leaving it. choosing a solution from outside the games fixed parameters. And many sit on a fence or waffle from side to side. (or from side to no-side)

I'm going to attempt to describe my perspective/model of what this playing field is made up of. the difficulty is in it's being spread across so many levels, only 2 of which have the structure of "form" and only 1 of which has such palpable density and linear time.

Before all the duality was set in density, we chose to experience it in as great a contrast as possible, which necessarily entailed shutting off much of ourselves. We agreed to do that. We blocked knowledge of ourselves, and our relationship to the creator, so we could fully experience this duality from the perspective of contrast. total immersion. We chose our experiences and lived them in total immersion. we've been the best of the best, the holiest of the holy, the worst of the bad, the most dastardly of the evil. We've all done it all. Every single one of us, without exception, has done it all.

Some chose blind alleys to go down, and have not found their way back. They explored locking away the divine spark, as irretrievably as possible, and succeeded. annunaki are such a splinter. But they came from the same place we came from, and will eventually return, just as we now are. No sparks are lost. ever. Some roles have simply become habitual. Defined as something you repeatedly do that you are no longer aware you are repeatedly doing.

Those acting out the dark so we may experience the fullness of the light in complete appreciation, have payed, and will continue to pay, a heavy Karmic price, because none are truly and natively evil. It's just a role some have become lost in.

Fast forward, and we are at the very ending of this game. All has been done. All have been experienced. We're ready to go home and share all our wonderful experiences with All that is.

But all but a few, by ratio, still don't know who and what they truly are. It's being turned back on now, with the pair of waves bath us. The one that brings what we do need to return to who we truly are, and the one that washes away all of who we are not, but have believed ourselves to be, out of habit.

Who and what we truly are, is the key to unravelling this whole thing. That was the point all along. Could we hide who and what we are, immerse ourselves in the most outrageously dense experiences and play, and find our way back home? rediscover ourselves and bring the whole experience home.

Well, we've done it. The experience part. We've completed the exploration, and there is nothing left to do here. It's time to go home and return to our wholeness in love and light and complete harmony.

But what about those so immersed in who they are not, that they are having a difficult time discovering who they are? They will have to heal. . These beings holding the contrasting dark, need to heal. Not be beaten. To beat them, just gives us more healing to do ourselves. The contest is over. It was never about winning or losing. It was about "what would this be like"? It was about how low can I sink and yet find my way back into the light?

We need to peel ourselves away from the structures of conflict, contrast, never again, always, you should, you shouldn't, if you this, then I that, I don't want what you offer, why don't you want what I offer, I'm good-you're bad, I'm bad-you're good, that's unfair, why do you have more than I do, I'd like to be more like...., you're too much like, that reminds me of something I didn't like, I'm hurt, I regret hurting you, you're too out of control, you're too in control, you cause my lack, etc. The list could be extended to billions or trillions of items. It's everything we can experience as a harmonious whole, split into contrasting pairs. It's polarity, duality. It's what we came to master, and master it we did. But we've forgotten its just some play. We've forgotten we're immortal players. We've forgotten we carry All that is within us from one unique perspective, which is "I".

. Since we are creator beings, we have certain abilities we can and do use all the time. We just say it wasn't us, so as not to break the illusion that we're small and able to be affected from without. but we are actually huge, and capable of anything we'd care to create. The real split I see is on either side of self awareness/acknowledgement. Some of us are embracing the shift back to what we are, while others are afraid of losing what they have invested in what we are not. We pretend not to create our mutual reality, and instead say this is the way it is, or it's predestined, or God did it, or it's the devil, or those bad people are doing this to me, or whatever.

Since our reality is created by ourselves, and no one else, some of us are creating a future where all harmony is restored because we say it is so, and some create a future where the idea of completing the contest is necessary in order to "win".

What I say, is that the game of "win" can never be "won". The game of win can only be abandoned, and declared complete.

Some are totally immersed in the sniffing out of past secrets, and hidden agendas, and machiavellian plotting, and "what does it all mean???", and that sort of thing.

And others have recognized rightly or wrongly that it's an endless loop unless one just steps out of it, and are searching for all the clues as to how we do that, and how we return to our natural wholeness of harmony, love, balance and light. And how to bring our beloved brothers and sisters with us, no matter what role they have chosen to play. No longer a competition, but a loving embrace. Non judgement. It's ok to wake up from the nightmare. compassion at all the time spent in the desolation of believing we were all alone, and not a part of the loving beauty we came from."